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 About me

Art and nature have always been inexorably entwined in my life. From the moment I was old enough to pick up a pencil, I've been drawing animals: birds, tigers, horses, going through all sorts of phases. The one thing that has always stayed the same, however, is a somewhat obsessive attention to detail.

When I got my first camera for my sixteenth birthday, I was so excited to discover another medium with which to capture nature and have spent decades honing my skill, both to create beautiful images on their own, but also to collect references for my drawing and painting.

My love of nature has not only shaped my art and photography, but also my career. It drove me through to a Ph.D. in ecology and now I make a living helping people reconnect with the world around them, using my art, scientific training and years of experience as an interpreter to create engaging media with my company, Second Nature.

I hope you enjoy my work. Please feel free to contact me about prints and commissions at or 204.619.4119.

If you'd like to colour some of the line drawing I made to create my illustrations, you can download them from the link below.

Email:                    Phone:  204.619.4119

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